Vehicle Tracking

Did you know 1 in 50 cars are stolen each year and more than 1 in 10 plant and machinery go missing. Including the 4000 caravans, 7000 boats, 35000 motorbikes and the millions goods stolen from lorries in the UK that is a massive 6 billion losses annually. But what happens if your vehicle is stolen? How do you get your vehicle back?

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The MTrack is ideal for many situations from high end cars to plant machinery as the device is managed remotely and when in its sleep mode is virtually undetectable by RF detectors and only activated once the client wishes to locate their asset.


Novus View-i Pro Ruby

A twin-camera unit with infra-red illumination, which records the driver's view of the road and the inside view of the vehicle, along with GPS position and G-force data.



Novus View-i Pro Silver

A single camera forward-facing unit which records the drivers view of the road, along with GPS position and G-force data.



Road Angel Bike Trac

Road Angel Bike Trac helps you to keep track of your motorbike if it is lost or stolen. It also proivdes a journey tracking feature so you can review your rides.



Sniper SelfTrack

The Sniper SelfTrack GPS is a subscription free vehicle tracking device, ideal for people that want affordable tracking but don't want to pay the cost of subscriptions that can often work out at nearly the initial cost over a couple of years.


Snooper My-Trak Automotive

My-Trak Automotive. Affordable tracking, reporting and security system for any vehicle. Protect and monitor your car, truck or van from a fleet to a single vehicle!



Super TrackStick

The Super TrackstickTM is an obvious choice for government agencies and intelligence personnel. The weatherproof case and removable magnetic mount allow for covert installation. Features like this make Super TrackstickTM best suited for police or homeland security personnel.



TrackStick Mini

It's the smallest GPS tracker in its class and has a new, improved GPS receiver with up to seven times more sensitivity than any other Trackstick model.



Trackstick Pro

The unit utilises the Google Earth Software to give you 3D views of tracking routes and real time locations. The perfect business GPS tracking solution. Ideal for Fleet business users, Commercial equipment, Government, Emergency Services.



Showing 1 to 9 of 9 products Pages: 1