Snooper 4Zero Elite

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Snooper 4Zero Elite GPS & Radar/Laser Detector

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The very best in speed trap detection, Snooper 4Zero Elite brings together GPS fixed camera and mobile laser speed gun detection into one brilliant device.

Notable features include:
- Fixed GPS and mobile laser speed trap detection
- Aura GPS speed trap database*
- 1 mile detection range
- Europe-wide coverage
- A windscreen mount and in-vehicle power cable
- Free database subscription

Protect yourself against speeding fines and improve road safety with a Snooper 4Zero Elite in your vehicle. Get yours today.



Detects fixed cameras, radar and mobile laser speed traps
Includes Aura GPS speed trap database*
Extended detection range over 1 mile
Voice and beep alerts.
European wide coverage (please check local laws for use of GPS and Radar/Laser detection)
Windscreen mount, dashboard mount and in-vehicle power cable included

Snooper 4ZERO Elite GPS & Radar/Laser detector.

Want to know which speed cameras are 'live'?
Want to know where all the mobile laser speed traps are?
GPS tells you where the cameras are.
Radar tells you if they are live and active.

Established in 1979, Snooper has been at the forefront of speed trap detection for over 35 years. As the market leading speed trap detector manufacturer, we have produced many award winning and cutting edge speed trap detectors and our latest creation, Snooper 4Zero, is following the trend of our market leading devices.

As with all Snooper GPS speed camera locators, 4ZERO Elite uses our experience and innovation creating the most advanced GPS technology possible, accurately alerting you to the presence of all 'fixed' speed traps such as Gatso,Truvelo and Watchman cameras, as well as motorway SPECs, average speed cameras. Following in the footsteps of our best selling speed trap detector device Snooper 3Zero, 4Zero Elite further enhances the experience, providing better coverage and alerting drivers earlier to speed trap locations.

Speeding could increase your insurance premium.

In 2013, produced a report estimating that insurance premiums increase by 30% on average after a driver has been caught speeding and received penalty points on their licence. This insurance cost increase plus any speeding fine you may face could cost you in excess of £1000 due to your misdemeanour. Protect yourself with the very best in speed trap detection, and at only a fraction of the cost.

New and improved radar/laser detection technology!

4ZERO Elite is probably the most advanced speed trap detector around. First of all it incorporates a highly sensitive laser detector designed to alert you to all types of mobile laser guns. By utlising our extensive experience and knowledge built up over 35 years, Snooper's laser detection technology is more accurate than ever, giving longer detection ranges and more advanced pre-warning, providing drivers with more time to slow down and reduce hard breaking.

4ZERO Elite also incorporates a highly sophisticated radar detector. Many speed traps, cameras and handheld radar guns transmit a radar beam which determines how quickly you are travelling. 4ZERO Elite detects radar 'scatter' from these speed traps and guns, providing advance warnings of their position.

Whereas a normal GPS speed camera locator can only tell you where a speed camera is and alert you, 4ZERO Elite is on another level and can actually tell you whether that speed camera is 'live' or not!

Snooper 4Zero Elite will provide personal alerts of the following GPS speed traps and hazards:-

  • Gatso & Truvelo Cameras
  • Watchman
  • HADECs Variable Limit cameras
  • MCS (Multi Camera System)
  • Speedcurb
  • SPECS¬†average speed cameras
  • Roadwork cameras
  • DS 2
  • Accident Hotspots
  • High Risk Zones* (Includes alerts to regular sites of Mobile Laser and Mobile Camera vans)
  • Temporary Gatso
  • Truvelo Cameras
  • Congestion Charge Cameras
  • Digital Cameras
  • Schools (optional)

Typical detection range of mobile speed traps using radar/laser receiver-

Radar guns - over 1 mile
Laser Guns - up to 1 mile

Compatible with Apple iOS 10.10, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit).

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