Did you know 1 in 50 cars are stolen each year and more than 1 in 10 plant and machinery go missing. Including the 4000 caravans, 7000 boats, 35000 motorbikes and the millions goods stolen from lorries in the UK that's a massive 6 billion losses annually. But what happens if your vehicle is stolen? How do you get your vehicle back?

With asset tracking solutions from MTrack you wont need to worry again as your vehicle will be monitored day and night. MTrack is completely wireless and the battery can last up to 4 years, making it very easy to install even by the user. Using the existing mobile phone network for positioning and communication, allowing the vehicles location to be constantly calculated and submitted to the monitoring team giving them an accurate reading. Combined with a RF Beacon the asset can be located with an accuracy of within 1 metre in and out doors.

The MTrack is ideal for many situations from high end cars to plant machinery. The device is managed remotely and when in its sleep mode is virtually undetectable by RF detectors. The device can be asleep and activated once the client wishes to locate their asset. Or with the intelligent motion sensors and programmable "geo-fences", you can be alerted if your asset is moved without your knowledge, allowing for action to be taken quickly and your asset tracked as soon as possible.

The MTrack is one of the most discreet vehicle trackers on the market, being battery powered there are no cables to lead the would be thief to it. Using the GSM mobile network combined with an RF Beacon means it does not need to be mounted where it can communicate with passing satellites like other tracking devices such as GPS based products.

Many people ask us if they can see any images of one of the MTrack devices installed, here is the only image you will see of one that has been installed. That's right it's just the empty box, this is a security device and therefore for the security of our customers you will never see one of the devices pictured on the web, wouldn't that make it easy for the criminal to identify them on a vehicle. The MTrack is completely self contained so no wires go to it that can be traced from the battery by the criminal and the fact that we don't publish images also helps to keep the customer and their assets secure.

The MTrack is purchased along with a years subscription which is 141.

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  MTrack £99.00

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